Our Story

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Join all the video creators who no longer have to do their video editing

Action based money back guarantee

After just 2 years, we now work with over 100 people like you who’ve gotten their lives back, after finally being able to outsource their editing.

That’s pretty awesome, but what really blows me away is the quality of the people who’ve joined us.

From real estate agents, to YouTube creators, and even niche eCommerce businesses… They’re people from different kinds of backgrounds who all believe the same thing:

Creators shouldn’t be wasting their valuable time editing their videos.

And we all want you to stop wasting your time editing too!

So you can take more opportunities, be more successful with your business, and have more time for fun!

Join GrowthSpurt and get your life back today.

What we stand for

We share 4 core values that guide everything we do:


We believe in being 100% honest and transparent with you… We’ll work hard to ensure your videos are edited efficiently, but we’ll never make promises that we can’t deliver on, because your trust means more to us than earning another dollar.


You’re a busy person, so we want this to be as hands-off for you as possible… That’s why we use our initiative to make sure your videos get done right, without you feeling like you have to look over our shoulders.


Video is art, and great art requires high standards. The standards you set with every video editing request. We aim to go beyond. Sometimes we might not get there the first time around, but you can count on us to work on it until you’re completely satisfied.


Your investment deserves our utmost respect and attention, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Growthspurt. You can trust us to always be reliable, available to help, and most of all positive, so you enjoy your experience with us!

Join hundreds of other video creators who no longer have to edit their own videos

Action based money back guarantee