The Video Editing Service for Content Creators

Serious content creator? Get your videos edited minus the burnout – without breaking the bank.

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Who is this for? (and who not)

GrowthSpurt is a good fit if

Your videos are between 10-20 minutes long

Your typical raw footage size and running time is 20-40gb and 30-60 minutes

You’re a content creator/make videos for yourself or your business

You think of your working relationship with an editor as a creative collaboration.

Have a clear vision of how you want your video to look like

You use stock animation and graphic templates.

You shoot your own footage and need a bit of stock footage and templates

GrowthSpurt is NOT a good fit if

Your videos are longer than 20 minutes

Your typical raw footage size and running time is over 40gb and 60 minutes.

You are an agency/make videos for businesses or other people

You prefer immediate interaction or micromanaging your video editor

You don’t know what your video should look like

Your videos need custom animations and graphics.

You rely only on stock footage

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Arline Tajan

Amazing job from these guys! With a very limited, they managed to finish the job right on the dot. Can't thank you enough.

Many thanks from New Zealand.

William Tribe

Fantastic experience, these guys are absolute ninjas at what they do. Cannot recommend them enough.

Linguist Access Tutorial Online

Creative genius! Highly recommended!! Helps us focus on creating content instead of wasting our time editing.

Ted Nguyen

Great people to work with, been editing for my team about 4 months now and have been pure class, and professional.

GrowthSpurt lets you spend more time doing what you love – creating amazing content.

There’s no denying. Editing videos is often so tedious, it makes you feel like you’re staring at the clock in a 2-hour school exam… but it’s annoyingly necessary.

Your content deserves great editing, but spending hours doing it yourself sucks.

You didn’t get into content creation for this…

You should be able to focus on giving value to your audience, without the shadow of an unfinished pile of footage looming over you.

If you’re already stuck on a hamster wheel trying to get caught up, with too much footage to edit and not enough time to get through it all… it’ll seem like there’s no way out.